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 Stainless steel branding plate for a custom cedar fence

Solutions.  Built to Endure

Ardent is your Red Deer General Contractor

Welcome to Ardent Contracting.  We are a general contractor based in Red Deer and servicing Central Alberta. We take on most residential and light commercial projects.  Full house renovations, bathroom renovations, hardwood flooring, tiling, decks, fences, and garage builds are a few of the types of projects we enjoy completing.

Our Passion

Our "passion for our craft" is the defining attribute that sets us apart from other Red Deer construction companies. We enjoy solving the challenges our work brings forth, and our goal is to provide solutions, built to endure. To this end, we use materials and methods that are expected to result in the lowest cost of ownership over time.

Our Price

The cost of ownership can often be misunderstood.  Most will look at the purchase cost and not realize that there is much more to the equation.  To have a better understanding of the total cost of your project, the purchase price, maintenance costs, and life span all need to be considered.  Our experience is that it is more economical to pay a fraction more on the purchase price for reduced maintenance costs/headaches, and a longer life expectancy.

Our Proposal

It is in our client's interest as well as our own to have carefully planned and executed projects.  When building your project proposal we take the extra time to ensure all the details have been considered.  Having a thorough project plan provides us with the flexibility to implement any changes you may have without creating conflicts.  Furthermore, building detailed proposals increases the accuracy of the pricing and allows us to tailor the project to your needs.  Remember, if it wasn't included explicitly in the price, it is likely not included.

If you are planning a project and would like our input, we'd be happy to discuss it with you!

Why did we choose the name Ardent?

 We believe that the name we operate under is important, not only for the information that it conveys to our potential clients, but for the continous direction it provides to us, the service provider.  The word Ardent is an adjective that is defined as "Very enthusiastic or passionate."   We are passionate about building a trustworthy construction company that offers enduring solutions.  Our name continues to guide our vision of what a excellence looks like for a quality focuses construction company.

We enjoy working with those who are passionate about their project.  Are you?  We'd be happy to connect.

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