Garages.  Built to Endure

Garages provide a safe, convenient space for vehicles, storage, or your creative outlet.  We take a "function first, form next" approach to building garages.  Our garage solutions are designed to endure by focusing on proper foundations, strong concrete slabs, and a solid structure.  

Our expertise in exterior work, as well as interior work, lets us offer a garage package that is customized ​by you – with the only constraint being a requirement for quality.  

As your Red Deer garage contractor, we manage the entire project from the planning stage forward.  By utilizing our project management expertise, you are securing the quality of your garage construction by ensuring better communication and the oversight of the entire garage build.

Services we offer as your Red Deer garage builder.

  • Solid, reinforced concrete slabs with options for different finishes or curbs

  • Oversized garages with engineered slabs.

  • Sprayfoam, conventional, or exterior insulation.

  • Electrical and Gas hookups.

  • Custom Sheds

  • Garage Contractor – Complete garage packages.

  • In-floor heat or natural gas unit (space) heaters 

  • Asphalt architectural roofing shingles

  • Rubber roofing shingles – Eurosheild's products

  • Hardie Board, Stucco, or Cedar siding.

  • Energy efficient garage doors, man doors, and windows.

  • Polished Concrete Floors

An in-depth discussion on garage construction

Garages are highly customizable spaces – often the solution for car parking, storage, workshops, and hobbies.   If you have a specific use for your garage, we work together with you to optimize the design to meet your particular needs. 


For those who will be spending extended lengths of time in their garage workshop working on hobbies, it is essential to build energy efficiently.   Our primary focus in the construction of energy-efficient garages is to reduce the amount of energy needed.  High-efficiency garage heaters are also important, but we maintain that reducing energy loss through the garage's building envelope is our primary concern.  To this effect, we offer spray foam insulation, exterior insulation in both rigid foam and fibreglass, double-wall construction, or ICF construction.  To reduce heat loss in the winter, we specify horizontal below-grade insulation around the perimeter of the heated space; this detail is highly effective in preventing the frost from travelling underneath the building.  

For garages that will be used for car parking, we offer in-floor heating systems to dry your floor and vehicle rapidly.  When wet or snow-covered vehicles are put in a heated garage, it is critical to provide proper ventilation of the moisture that has been introduced.  For this reason, we install energy-efficient garage ventilation fans on a humidity triggered switch.

Garages that will be used in part for storage can be optimized to utilize the garage space more efficiently.  Lofts or mezzanines can be incorporated into the design to this end.  When storage is a concern, we recommend finishing the interior of the garage with plywood vs drywall.  Plywood finished walls allow for better anchor points for your storage systems – though for heavy items attaching to the stud is still recommended.  

We pride ourselves on being a garage contractor offering garage packages that are full of good value.  Building a new garage is a significant investment.  In our view, it is prudent to spend a fraction more at the time of the build to increase the garage's functionality and efficiency as well as the structure's longevity.  Corners can be tempting to cut, especially when the cost savings appear to add up.  But skimping on your foundation could cause settling.  Not using the required base for the slab could cause the concrete slab to crack.  Not insulating the building correctly will cost you in the end via reoccurring utility bills.  At Ardent, we have the understanding that the most wallet-friendly, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient way to construct garages is to build in such a way that they only need to be built once.

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