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Add warmth to your floor with hardwood.

We believe that natural products add a warmth that man-made products cannot.  Hardwood flooring, being both sustainable and long-lasting, is an excellent choice in many areas of your home.  Its pleasant underfoot feeling will add to the relaxing atmosphere of your home.


To protect your investment, we use the best fastening methods for a squeak-free hardwood floor installation and verify moisture levels before installation for lasting tight joints. And when the time comes for a refresh, your hardwood floor can simply be sanded down and refinished for a fresh finish.   ​

We also install trim, a likely combination with your new hardwood floor.


Contact us today with questions or to request a quote. 

Red Deer hardwood flooring services we offer.

  • New construction and renovations.

  • Site finished hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood floor repair and refinishing.

  • Prefinished hardwood flooring.

  • Custom flooring transitions.

  • Moisture testing, subfloor and hardwood.

  • Glue down installation of solid hardwood for specific situations.

  • Nail down installation to reduce chances of squeaking.

  • Custom work - contact us for more info.

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