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Keep the roof over your head dry.

Though not often thought about, your homes roof is one of its most important components.  It protects you as well as your home's structure from the elements. A proper roof is also a system comprised of shingles, underlayments, self-sealing membranes, venting, and flashings.  We install roofing materials that are compatible with each other to ensure longevity.


One of the most critical aspects of your roofing system is ventilation.  The reasons for attic ventilation are often poorly understood.  When attic ventilation is done incorrectly, it can cause many problems.  Potential issues include; attic condensation, rapid shingle deterioration due to high temperatures, higher energy costs for cooling in the summer, and poor indoor air quality.  We have a thorough understanding of attic ventilation and how it works.  We use this knowledge to install superior roofing systems in Red Deer. 

To serve our clients better, we only install a roof that we would put on our own homes.  The difference is that you have a roofing crew that is paying attention to the details.  


  • We only do high wind shingle installations, because high winds happen in Central Alberta.  

  • We protect your home's interior from water damage, by including ice damming protection on every roof.  

  • We use synthetic underlayment on every roof we install.  Synthetic underlayment is a higher quality alternative to roofing felt that is safer for the roofer as well.

  • Proper attic ventilation is a requirement for all roofing jobs unless using an approved unvented attic design.


We hold valid commercial liability insurance and WCB coverage.



When quality matters, contact Ardent to be your roofer. 

Services we offer as your Red Deer roofing contractor.

  • Re-roofing and new roofs.

  • Laminated architectural asphalt shingles.

  • Rubber shingles from Euroshield.  Interlocking, windproof design that is hail proof.

  • Class 4 shingles.  Potentially reduce your home insurance premium.

  • Proper ventilation ratio's.

  • Roof deck repairs. 

  • Ice damming protection on all roof installs. 

  • High wind installation on all roof installs.

  • Chimney and skylight flashing, including counterflashing.

  • Insurance jobs.  We will work with your insurance company.

Products We Use

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